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With Cypress Resume, your students can effortlessly create professional resumes in minutes! Best of all, its easy-to-use format assures they are unlikely to need additional assistance once you show them the site, so you’ll be free to focus on other tasks.

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Resumes need to grab the attention of an employer almost immediately in order to have the best chance of making it through the weeding process. Cypress Resume’s gigantic library of tens of thousands of professional statements are designed to do exactly that. Our database covers virtually all professions, grouping job types by core tasks.

No writing skill required

With Cypress Resume, there is no need to compose anything, ever. Users simply type basic information about themselves and leave the difficult task of writing concise, descriptive statements detailing abilities to us.

Automatic, Dynamic Document Formatting

With Cypress Resume, finished documents will always be perfectly formatted. Our advanced algorithms dynamically adjust page layout and content volume based on the amount of information entered.

Supporting Documents

Cypress Resume’s custom cover letters are an excellent way for users to introduce themselves to prospective employers. Simply select a job title and then choose from among our expertly written letters specifically geared toward that profession.


Once a resume is created, it can be published online in order to maximize visibility.


Our pricing structure and low minimum fee make Cypress Resume an affordable purchase for even the smallest libraries and organizations. Contact Contact us today for a price quote and free trial!

Spanish Interface

Full Spanish interface for ESL users.

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